The Many Benefits of PVCu Double Glazing - Asgard Windows

PVCu, or polyvinyl chloride unplasticized, windows feature frames made of durable, rigid plastic. The material is ideal for use in windows because it is tough, hard-wearing, attractive, and has low maintenance requirements. Moreover, unlike wood it does not rot, and unlike steel, it does not go rusty. What about aluminium? Well, aluminium does not rust, but it can corrode, especially in the harsh atmosphere found in some cities. Also, it is also very expensive.

When selecting replacement double glazed windows, you will find that PVCu windows for casement windows and all types of window offer many advantages, and are not that expensive. Of course, double glazing is a good investment because it increases comfort in the home, reduces noise levels, and also reduces your heating costs.

PVCu contains stabilizers that prevent ultraviolet sun rays from causing the frame to fade or become dull, and as mentioned earlier will last a long time. These days, no-one would consider replacing the existing windows with single-glazed windows, which, of course, feature just one pane of glass. This does not do much for warmth, security, or even noise reduction.

With heating costs rising, residents of Ireland are more focused on energy efficiency. A double glazed window features two panes of glass with an air layer between that serves as an insulator. The home stays warmer during winter months and the extra insulation reduces noise pollution. In addition, two panes of glass are better than for home security.

In Canada and other Northern countries, triple glazing is offered, although it does not offer much advantage over the latest coated and gas-filled double glazing. In Dublin, conventional double glazing offers a good improvement in comfort, with reduced heating bills, but you can do better with one of the more advanced designs, such as Pilkington K Glass introduced to Ireland. It has a coating on the outer side of the inner pane. The most efficient double glazing has the void between the panes filled with argon gas. It is advisable to visit one or two showrooms before deciding which type of PVC windows to have installed in your home.