Replacement Windows Suitable for PVC Double Glazing

We only need to look at a few homes in our vicinity, or in some of the older suburbs of Dublin to realise that all windows are not the same. Sash, tilt and tilt and turn windows, and patio doors are just a few of the most popular styles used in residences in the Dublin area. When selecting replacement windows for the home, you will find that PVC double glazed windows are suitable for most homes.

Sash windows are found in many older, traditional homes, and the original windows do give the home some style, and good daylight, but are renowned for their draughts and rattles. They are usually quite large windows as well, so they tend to make your house cold, so you need to spend a lot on heating. This is why it is recommended that replacement windows are installed in their place; of course these will be double glazed replacement windows.

However, when sash double glazed replacement windows are made from uPVC, they offer the benefits of a modern window. Qualities include outstanding thermal properties and the ability to withstand bad weather. These windows save on heating and cooling costs due to their energy-conserving nature. Aside from traditional white, they are often available in colours like cream, light oak, and rosewood.

Tilt windows are ideal for upstairs windows, because they make window cleaning much easier. To allow you to clean the outer surface, the frame tilts inward so you can clean the window thoroughly from inside the home. With their dual opening action, tilt and turn windows make access even easier. In addition, they improve ventilation and make an emergency exit simpler, while a high-security locking feature offers peace of mind. Available in many colours, these windows are as attractive as they are functional. We have replacement windows to replace tilt windows.

Patio doors come as French door, bi-folding door, and sliding door styles that allow plenty of natural light into the home, and offer a good view of the garden. French and sliding doors feature traditional styling, while a bi-fold door is a more contemporary option that opens inward or outward hinging so they take up little space when folded. Although these doors are quite expensive, they are very practical, giving easy access to your patio, and also allow you to leave them open in summer to take advantage of warm weather.

When selecting doors for the patio area, look for those that are durable, resist condensation, and offer sound insulation and energy efficiency. Manufacturers create these doors in a variety of colours and finishes, so you can find one to suit your home.

Choices in Glazing

Window glazing is the term used to describe the glass portion of the window. Single glazed windows are the traditional version, featuring a single glass pane. Double glazing, which features two glass panes with a space between them, offers additional insulation. Though the initial version saved much heat over single glazed windows, energy efficiency has continued to improve. Low emissivity glass features a unit filled with argon gas, taking the measure of heat loss from 2.8 down to 1.2.

Although Dublin has a temperate climate, it can get very cold in winter, so you will want replacement with modern double glazing instead of your old windows. Options include double-glazed 20mm, K glass air filled 28mm, or double glazed argon gas filled 28mm. These have varying degrees of heat insulation, and your installer will be glad to explain the differences in the performance of these replacement windows.