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Antique Stained Glass Windows – Beautiful, But Drafty

Stained glass windows, especially old and antique stained glass windows are no doubt stunning to look at and create a wonderful atmosphere, however with single panes of glass and frames that were set many decades before, they are certainly not energy efficient, increasing the heating costs and reducing comfort.

Unlike a typical old window, one does not simply ‘replace’ stained glass windows with modern energy efficient windows. However, Asgard Windows does have a simple and low-cost solution to suit every need.

Double Glazing Stained Glass Windows

The simple solution for the problem of drafty, inefficient stained glass windows is to add a second pane of glass into the window space. In one fell swoop, without having to modify the original window or frame, the problem is solved. No more drafts and an instant reduction in heating costs thanks to your new energy efficient stained glass windows!

This is done with a uPVC or timber frame containing a pane of glass within it. So you now have the original stained glass pane plus the new clear pane that effectively forms a double-glazed window. The gap in between is simply an air-filled void, but air is a natural insulator between the outer stained glass window and the inner clear window pane.

The new frame is typically smaller than the original stained glass window frame and so the visual aesthetics of the window is barely affected and the stained glass can be enjoyed unimpaired.

Other Benefits Of Double Glazing Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass windows are often found in hard to reach places or are quite tall and so cleaning them can be difficult. Asgard Windows provides this service to many home owners and with children in the home, an errant flying object could break one of the stained glass panes, which are not easy to replace.

Double glazing the stained glass windows therefore eliminates the need for any further cleaning on the inner surface as no dust or grime can get to it. It also provides a further physical barrier between the room and the original stained glass panes.

So you can enjoy less cleaning and more protection plus energy efficient stained glass windows.

How We Go About Double Glazing Stained Glass Windows

Asgard Windows will first pay a visit to your home/premises to review the stained glass/picture window that needs attention and to take measurements. We will discuss with you the frame options and once the appropriate details have been decided we will return to base to manufacture the secondary window. During manufacture we will setup an appropriate time for the installation and once the window is ready the installation will proceed.

Our installers are all trained craftsmen and we make it a point of leaving the premises in pristine condition with no mess left behind.