Benefits of a Home Conservatory - Asgard Windows Dublin

A conservatory is a great way of adding to your living space, filling it with light and bringing the garden into your home. Asgard Windows are specialists in conservatory installations and have compiled the main benefits and features of a conservatory to assist you in making your choice.

1. Increases the Value of your Property

Basically, your conservatory is an extension on to your existing home. The beautiful features that accompany a conservatory, the style and look of your conservatory will immediately present a wow factor to any prospective buyer. Certainly, for those with a south facing garden, the addition of a conservatory really adds value as it will gain maximum light over the summer period. Also depending on the size of your proposed conservatory you may not need any planning permission if the project is 40 sqaure metres or less. For a full view of some of our work visit our conservatories gallery.

2. Additional Living Space

The main reason for a conservatory is to give added living space and a comfortable area that you can sit out in or dine, or whatever you choose. Typically, it will have an abundance of natural light and this maybe a primary reason for its use. You may consider to utilise furniture from other rooms that you may feel are cluttered, and create your new space in the conservatory.

You can also brighten up your conservatory with potted plants and choose if you wish to have fresh herbs or vegetables through the year – you have the perfect outlet in your conservatory.

3. Fantastic Light Source

The conservatory being very much a glass based construction will give the absolute maximum source of light that you can get from the positioning of your house. Obviously, the best orientation is to have a south or a south-west facing garden, but with that said no matter what direction your garden points – there will always be natural light available, due to having so much glass to allow the light in.

4. Brings your Garden Closer

The conservatory will typically be part of the garden as it will usually be built at the back of the house and therefore have the garden all around it. You can sit in your conservatory and take in all the elements of your garden and enjoy the sky above you – and not worry about being exposed to the elements – be it the sun, or the wind and rain.

This brings us nicely to the types of doors that can be integrated to your conservatory.

5. Doors to the Garden

The access to the garden will typically depend on the size of your conservatory and the space to which you are leading out to. There are several types of door options available. From French doors, to sliding doors and bi-folding door options, we can advise on the best option for you.