Asgard Windows Dublin - Energy Efficiency in Windows

Energy Efficiency

Make yourself aware of some of the factors involved in choosing the best energy efficient windows for your home or business.


PVC stands for Poly Vinyl Chloride. Our Spectus Elite 63 window profiles are made from PVCu, which stands for Poly Vinyl Chloride Unplasticised - i.e. it contains none of the plasticiser that makes materials such as cling film flexible.

Spectus is good for the environment?

  •     PVCu windows and doors reduce heat loss and therefore the building requires less heating and so emissions are reduced.
  •     Windows and doors made from PVC reduce the need to chop down trees.
  •     PVC is recyclable and so need not be incinerated, thus reducing emissions.
  •     PVCu windows do not need painting and therefore don't consume materials or generate associated waste.


Our Windows are Glazed with a 28 mm Unit.

It is a Low E soft coated glass with warm edge spacer bar and argon gas filled.

  •     Reflects heat back into your house.
  •     Improves the efficiency of your house.
  •     Maximizes free heat and light from the sun.
  •     Warmer than standard double glazing